Security and Safety

Home Security is a growing concern among many home owners and at INit Intelligent Homes we offer many options to safe guard your home.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

One of the most common methods of securing your home is the installation of CCTV cameras. CCTV has been proven to be a major deterrent to intruders and is easily installed with minimum disruption.

CCTV IP Camera Home Security & Safety

CCTV Cameras are now more discreet than ever and can be installed almost anywhere both within and outside the home. Once installed, we can configure your security system so that you can view all of your CCTV Cameras on any television throughout your home. Another excellent method of CCTV is via IP Cameras which will enable you to view your cameras from your PC, laptop or mobile phone.

Intruder Alarm System

An Intruder Alarm System is a must have to safe guard your residence. Once installed you have the absolute piece of mind that your home is secured against intruders. Several sensors are placed throughout your home and on doors and windows, once you arm the system if one of these sensors are tripped then an audible sound is emitted, the police can immediately be notified and selected lights throughout your home can be switched on if the facility is available.


Access Control